Computer repair bench
Computer repair bench

Is your desktop computer giving you problems?  These advanced pieces of machinery have the potential for problems just like any tech device.  Today, we find desktop computers all over the place.  They can be found in homes, businesses and schools all over the world.  Primarily, though, they are found in businesses.  Many home users and schools alike have switched to more portable computing devices like tablets and laptop computers.

In the office, when you workstation goes down, desktop repair becomes essential.  There are many different pieces of hardware used to make up the desktop computer. For you, desktop repair could mean replacing a power supply, adding RAM, hard drive replacement, motherboard and CPU upgrades, virus and popup removal, slow system, blue screen of death, Internet connection issues or any combination in between.

Luckily for us, desktop computers are pretty easy to repair.  This is partially because there size and available working area inside the computers case.  On top of that, new parts are readily available.  Most local computer shops will have exactly what you need to repair your broken desktop.  For virus and popups, there are numerous pieces of software designed to scan and remove these items.

Common desktop repair issues:

Noisy Computer

There are a few things that could make your desktop computer noisy.  This could be as simple desktop case fan repair.  Case fans get old and noisy, when this happens, they can be replaced.  Other noises coming from your desktop computer could indicate that you need hard drive repair or replacement or virus and pop up removal.

Slow Computer

A slow computer is no fun, not to mention an efficiency killer.  Your slow desktop computer could mean that you need RAM repair or upgrades, hard drive repair or replacement, virus or malware removal, or operating system repair.

Computer Freezes

A computer freezes up when it is doing more than it is capable of.  This type of issue is usually due to a lack of system resources or a virus infection.

Pop up windows

This is a clear sign of a virus infection.  You will need malware removal.

Cant get on the Internet

This could be because your router or modem needs a reboot.  It may be that you have a virus.  It could just be that your Internet service provider (ISP) is having problems and you are experiencing an outage in your area.

Computer turns it self off

This could be that your desktop computer power supply is failing or that your computer is getting too hot.  It could also be that your home or office just got hit with a power surge or a power outage.

Computer wont print

This could be that you have the wrong default printer selected or that your printer was turned off or disconnected from your desktop computer.  If you are trying to print to a network printer it could also be that your router needs a reboot or your PC has lost its connection to the network.

Sound not working

If you have no audio but are sure that your speakers are turned on and hooked up, it may be that you need sound card repair or a different driver installed. Sometimes updates can cause an audio device to stop working.  In this case it could be as simple as rolling back the driver.  Another common cause of the no sound problem is that you don’t have your speakers selected as the default audio device.

No picture, monitor goes black

This may be a driver issue or it may be that your monitor or display has failed.  This could mean that you need desktop monitor repair or maybe just a new monitor.  This could also be caused by your display cable or the power cable for your monitor coming unplugged.

Keyboard not working

If your keyboard is wireless then you may just need new batteries.  If you have a wired connection then it may be that you just need to unplug and plug back in your keyboard.  If you have a new keyboard hooked up it may be that your computer is busy installing the required drivers and that you keyboard will begin working after that is done.

Blue screen of death

The BSOD errors are usually caused by computer hardware problems, incorrect or bad drivers, or it may be that you have the wrong settings configured in your BIOS.  This area of desktop repair requires BSOD troubleshooting.

Computer beeping

You computer beeps whenever there is something wrong with your motherboard or something attached to it. If you are experiencing motherboard failure you will either need motherboard repair or replacement.



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