PC Repair – Use of the acronym “PC” – The Windows OS

PC Repair – Use of the acronym “PC” – The Windows OS

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windows 7 screen shot with control panel and libraries windows
A Screen Shot of the Windows 7 operating system with control panel and libraries windows open.

What is a PC?

The acronym “PC” is actually an abbreviation for the term “Personal Computer”.  This term could be correctly used for a computer with any operating system installed, but is most commonly used to describe a machine that has the Windows OS (operating system) installed.  In this blog, when we use the term PC, we are talking about a computer running the Windows OS.

OS Market Share Comparison Chart
Operating System Market Share Chart as of December 2014

Microsoft Windows is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) OS and was first introduced back in 1985 by Microsoft co-founders, Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Since its debut in 1985, there have numerous updates and revisions to the operating system. Starting with Windows 1.0 to the current Windows 8.1. Windows 10 is expected to be released late 2015.

The Windows operating system is the most widely used OS in the world making it the standard for home and business computers.According to netmarketshare.com,  the Windows operating system held %75.61 of the total OS market share as of December, 2014.

Windows is Microsoft’s flagship operating system, the de facto standard for home and business computers.”

Margaret Rouse – Whatis.com

The personal computer or PC has many benefits over machines running other operating systems such as OSX or Linux.  Here is a more in depth list of Windows pros and cons.

As far as Computer Repair goes, PC’s are definitely the easiest to work on due to the high availability of tools and support. The caveat here is that PC’s also have the most problems and are most prone to getting a computer virus. This is not to say that Mac’s and Linux computers are invulnerable to computer attacks and viruses. The reason that PC’s get more viruses is due to their vast popularity. Because they are most commonly used, PC’s are more frequently targeted.

PC Repair includes Motherboard replacement, Power Supply replacement, RAM upgrades, Hard Drive Replacement, Data Recovery, Annoying Popups, Virus Removal, Monitor Repair, Windows installation, Windows re-install, Operating System Corruption, Blue Screen of Death errors, PC wont start & boot up errors,  BIOS settings & upgrades, and much more.


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